Swash & Serif 5


November 22 - 28, 2018

Swash & Serif 5 Poster
Swash & Serif 5 Poster
“Flower Child” Olivia Rohner
“Outside looking in” Jennifer West
“Fifa World Cup 2018” Katya Romanova
“you, me, this, yeah, no, it, my life.” Melissa Ramirez
“Thick as Thieves” Mostly Letters (Jesse Watson)
“Untitled” Puffs Pascual
“Love” Vera Drmanovski
“And How Are You” Tim Singleton
“Millenial Affirmation” Dee Flores
“Bold Weight” Andrew Robinson
“We’re All Gonna Die” Cat Walrond
“I like it complicated” Vera Drmanovski
“No Fun Club” Olivia Rohner
“Ghost Town” Christina Bolzon
“Fuck Luck” Vera Drmanovski
“No is a statement.” Tim Singleton
“Heartbreaker” Rachel Tham
“C O P Y” Emily Woudenberg
“Fear” Thomas Hadfield
“Positive” & “Negative” HUEY
“36 Days of Type 05” Tejashri Kapure
“Selects from 36 days of Type 05” Tejashri Kapure
“Rebirth” Sayu Fujii
“Blacky’s Tattoo Studio” Rebecca Chung
“Free Hand Jobs (yay)” Eitan Zohar
“Process Food” Talia Abramson
“Hey Look!” Vibeke Silverthorne
“The Real World” Tatjana Petkovic
“Petit Beurre” Yurko Gutsulyak
“Lucky” Talie Shalmon
“People are People” Mike Lopez
“It’s a Beautiful Day Today” Renee Yeung
“Reverie” Samantha Goh
“Harry Potter Spells” Talia Abramson
“Type Study” Saadia Kardar
“Seamus Brewery” Rebecca Chung
“General Typeface” Miriam Olszewski
“Hybrid: A Canadian Identity” Jill Rosenzweig
“t-time” Natalie Almosa
“Moist” Nina Hang
“Major Key Alert” Nina Hang
“Grona Biscuit” Yurko Gutsulyak
“An Ode To Always Infinity Pads” Nina Hang
“Excursus: WORLD EATER” Moira Ness
“Two Girls One App” Eitan Zohar
“Motion” Natalie Almosa
“EGO” Naila Medjidova
“Dreaming” Michelle Young
“We Find Love” Katreena Dalisay
“Nasty Woman” Michelle Eileen Scholz
“But You’re a Girl” Mariel Pahayahay
“McSweeneys LA” Katya Romanova
“Bitch Please” Jennifer West
“In The Night” Duc Minh Pham
“Thriving” Chris Vallee
“Kensington Market” Alana McCarthy
“Find your freedom” Igor Tomenchuk
“Hybrid: A Canadian Identity” Jill Rosenzweig
“Passion” Isaak Man
“Keep it Together” Hillary Chen
“We’re Better Together” Geoff Krawiec
“Take Your Passion with You” Geoff Krawiec
“Life is too Short to Wait” Geoff Krawiec
“Patric” Franziska Erlebach
“L is for FaLL” Daria Gavrilina
“Fuckin’ Lovely” Fatima Almuhtaram
“Posthuman” Erin Dinneen
“You’re not the boss of me” Eitan Zohar
“Boom” Colin Nun
“Decoy x Felix” ckbois
“Zero” Colin Nun
“Trinity Bellwoods” Alana McCarthy
“Alphabet print #2” Christopher Rouleau
“Toronto Signs” Christopher Rouleau
“Dishonest Signs” Christopher Rouleau
“My Beautiful Mind” Carter Pryor
“Allan Gardens” Alana McCarthy
“Do The Wrong Things Right.” Carter Pryor
“Cause & Effect” Carter Pryor
“A R T” Franziska Erlebach
“Sultry Night Slow” Arthur Chayka
“Gay or Whatever” Chris Vallee
“The Tea” Anny Michelle
“Building Characters” Anna Laing-Fraser
“Los Dichos De Mis Padres” Anny Michelle
“Count Me In” Andrew Robinson
“90’s banter” Amy Kim
“Unraveled” Penny Linardatos
“Knight in Shining Armor” Ana Luzajic
“Floral Memoirs” Hiral Patel

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