Swash & Serif 3


September 15 - 20, 2015

“Steel Express” Thaddeus Miya
“Eyes to the Stars” Cat Lamora
“Another Tuesday” Spencer Afonso
“F is For Family” Thaddeus Miya
“Environmental Typography” Tatjana Petkovic
“The Cards of Happiness” Jin Yu Yan
Naila Medjidova
“Black Lives Matter” Cat Walrond
“No” Gayla Trail
“What is Reflected” Nina Hang
“Set Your Life on Fire, Seek those who Fan Your Flames” Mike Lopez
“Happiness” Dang Vo
“Drop the Beet” Dana Harrison
“Another Tuesday” Spencer Afonso
“The Mikado” Salini Perera
“HOME MADE” Rilla Fernandez
“The Junction A to Z” Studio Jaywall & LOKI
“Not Sustainable | Industrial Farming” Todd Barsanti
“Honey and Lemon” Tania Volpe
“Shit Disturbers Inc.” Studio Jaywall & LOKI
“Where there is Ruin, there’s Hope for a Treasure” Mike Lopez
“I know this looks Grotesk, but Akzidenz happen” Matt Fondevilla
“Cast of Characters 2015” Lesli Ink
“Greatest Adventure” Stevie Driscoll
Closeup, “Cast of Characters 2015” Lesli Ink
Closeup, “Cast of Characters 2015” Lesli Ink
“Oh Hot Dreams” Arthur Chayka
“Good Things Come to Those Who Hustle” Mark Serrano
“josh” Joshua Advincula
“The Metaphor for Happiness” Jin Yu Yan
“XV Typeface” Ian Clarke
“Check Copier Status: Legibility” Andrew Robinson
“It gets better” Christopher Rouleau
“It gets worse” Christopher Rouleau
“Eraser Love” Erica Pinto
“Dress Up F” & “Dress Up G” Christopherr Mendoza
“Gay For Your Sins” Chris Vallee
“Mystery Meat Icon” Brandon Serbec
“Mmmelted” Brad Pyne
“Do the Thing” Andréa Crofts
“An Adventurer’s Inventory” Brett Martin

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