Swash & Serif 7


August 17 - 22, 2023

Swash & Serif 7 Poster
Swash & Serif 7 Poster
“The Just Married Jacket” Sylvia Wong
“Avant Garde: The Past and The Present (Editorial Cover)” Alexandra Maftei
“RUIN” Yurko Gutsulyak
“Born. Raised. Flourished.” Sasha Fonkatz
“The letter “Ï” [yi]” Oksana Hawrylak
“Beijing Opera Biennale Poster” Fidel Peña
“Kismet” Paul Twa
“What’s in a Name” Steph Truong
“As an extension of my” Shihab Mian
“As an extension of my” Shihab Mian
“As an extension of my” Shihab Mian
“36 Days of Type” Thomas Hadfield
“2023 Austrian Grand Prix F1 Poster” Vrinda Patel
“Flowers Shall Grow” Marissa Korda
“2023 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix F1 Poster” Vrinda Patel
“2023 Canadian Grand Prix F1 Poster” Vrinda Patel
“We Will Outlive Them” Marissa Korda
“Greeting Cards” Stevie Driscoll
“Fresh Profesh” Vinitha Mammen
“Letters in the Wild” Tania Volpe
“Love Yourself” Sasha Fonkatz
“Time Pass” Humble Raja
“Defund Police” Stevie Driscoll
“Home Sweet Home” Saadia Kardar
“Eyes on the Prize” Sasha Fonkatz
“we are” Samantha Goh
“G is for Glued” Reena Mistry
“I phone” Reena Mistry
“F Screen Time” Reena Mistry
“Type Triptych” Mary Getsen
“Beautiful” Vinitha Mammen
“ABCs of Art History” Paul Twa
“Swish & Serif” Damian Canta
“Look At Me” Plan of Record`
“Now or Never” Sophie Kim
“Suspend Your Disbelief” Rachelle Lenihan
“Letters on Pepper” Pepper Brooks
“Rediscovering the Forgotten Self” Snehanka Walavalkar
“Black Lives Matter” Stevie Driscoll
“Letters of Pepper” Pepper Brooks
“Loneliness is a Disease” Niharika Malik
“Hot as Fuck” Mark Serrano
“You are not a Slave to Fear” Michael Volkwijn
“WiiiLD” Mary Getsen
“Thick Thighs Save Lives” Marta Ryczko
“SEPARATION” Mary Getsen
“I Don’t Want to be Cool” Marta Ryczko
“Stick Together” Marta Ryczko
“No Refuge” Marissa Mirams
“You Ate” Bary Hakim
“בלגן Balagan” Mahla Shapiro
“בלגן Balagan” Mahla Shapiro
“בלגן Balagan” Mahla Shapiro
“Ouch” Lisa Wilson
“Hurt” Lisa Wilson
“Stand by Me” Lisa Wilson
“CNE Poster” Sunae Jin
“Borrow a Little Happiness” Liam Johnston
“Queen Video” Lauren Peterson
“Every Day” Liam Johnston
“2023-NEW-YEAR” Yoho Hang Yue
“Decisions” Karen Taylor
“Believe in Yourself Too” Liam Johnston
“Background Noise” Karen Taylor
“From Waste to Art” Julia Prajza
“Horizons” Karen Taylor
“First Class” Humble Raja
“Till Death” Irene Castellano
“Keep your Christ out of my Cunt” Janice Turner
“Esserveld – Pangram” Johan Harteveld
“Rust Never Sleeps” Jordan St.Claire Snyder
“Stop the Cunt Hunt” Janice Turner
“FOR TOMORROW” Hyejeong Yun
“Bloody Cunt” Janice Turner
“Renaissance” Bary Hakim
“Howdy” Irene Castellano
“Simple & Sober” Humble Raja
“The Grind” Equal Parts Studio
“Coexistence of History and Future” Hyejeong Yun
“My Lettering Appetite” Samantha Goh
“The ABCs of People” Vinitha Mammen
“Daily Affirmations” Dylan Marcus McConnell
“World Cup 2022 Canada Poster” Fidel Peña
“Polaroids From the Edge” Dylan Marcus McConnell
“World Cup 2022 Argentina Champion Poster” Fidel Peña
“Old Millenial” Equal Parts Studio
“Years Behind” Eric Wieder
“Successful People” Derwyn Goodall
“VECTOR (Fabric)” Donald Zhu
“WOW” Derwyn Goodall
“2020 Intl Symposium on Getting Over It” Dylan Marcus McConnell
“ROLL” Donald Zhu
“Articulating my Tinnitus Sounds” Carter Pryor
“VECTOR (String)” Donald Zhu
“This is My Playground but I’m Not Welcome” Carter Pryor
“MaGiC*~” Carolyn Johnson
“Circulation Sans Specimen Poster” Carl Shura
“6 Feet Apart or 6 Feet Under” Carter Pryor
“Orchids and Letters (36 Days Of Type 2023)” Andrea Rodriguez
“2023 Constructivist Inspired Calendar” Alison Repetski
“AI (Analog Intelligence)” Barbara Kowalski
“With Our Thoughts We Make the World Loving Kindness Brings Loving Kindness” Anthony Trask
“Dream Big” Andrea Rodriguez
“Just do it!” Amy Esplen
“Fruit Puns” Andrea Rodriguez
“Heaven & Hell” Alexandra Maftei
“Canada’s History – What’s The Story? / Quelle Histoire!” Alana McCarthy
“Observations: The Connections Between Language, Design, and Design Process” Alexandra Maftei
“Observations: The Connections Between Language, Design, and Design Process” Alexandra Maftei
“Spoilers – Essays That Might Ruin Your Favorite Hollywood Movies” Alana McCarthy
“wish for haters praise your doubters” chiiild.art
“get rich or die spraying” chiiild.art
“Y in Escher’s World” Aïcha Niazy
“Out Of Shape” Adélie Touraille
“Everyone has an equal right to change the future” Aian Parnikov
“Ampersand” Adam Damiani
“group activity survivor” chiiild.art
“Ampersand” Adam Damiani

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