Swash & Serif 6


August 1 -7, 2019

Swash & Serif 6 Poster
Swash & Serif 6 Poster
“Share the progress” Jennifer West
“Androids 2077” Naila Medjidova
“Take a Bloody Break” Vera Drmanovski
“Love is Blind” Tamisha Harris
“Urge to Slice” Vera Drmanovski
“Documenting a Path in Type” Jill Rosenzweig
“Typo Construction” Phillip Novak
“Scars” Trucie Nguyen
“Number 1 to 4” Tejashri Kapure
“Larry O’Brien” Mark Serrano
“SAY YAS” Tim Singleton
“Bottled Feelings – The Exhibition” Doris Wai
“Unlimited Ideas” Makeba Gaskin
“Love” Nensi Gjoca
“Lettering Is” Stevie Driscoll
“Displacement” Victor Cheng
“My Time My Rules” Vera Drmanovski
“Error 404” Sandy Liang
“Tile Me About It” Vibeke Silverthorne
“Why Fake It?” Mel Hayes
“Murder Song 1” Makeba Gaskin
“Batch of 2019” Mark Serrano
“Murder Song 2” Makeba Gaskin
“Calm & Qualm” Kev Seto
“Elevation” Lilian Do
“Question X” Lisa Wilson
“EH OK” Derwyn Goodall, Goodall Integrated Design
“Communication” Lilian Do
“Type Poster” Kendrick Potvin
“Anarchy” John Yeon
“Human Nature” Sandy Liang
“The Most Amazing Creative” Julia Prajza
“Playing Cards” Julia Prajza
“SIT Chair” Keagan Kruger
“Never Stop Growing” Jessica Gagnon
“Don’t be such a fucking tool” Joe Borges
“Playing Cards” Julia Prajza
“Drowning in Thought” John Yeon
“Elvis Presley Promotion” Jessica Gagnon
“Still Here, Stall Queer” Vibeke Silverthorne
“A place to stand” Joe Borges
“WOW” Derwyn Goodall, Goodall Integrated Design
“The future is ours for the taking” Jennifer West
“Interesting” Jeremy King
“Eleven” Trucie Nguyen
“T is for Type” Jess Fry
“Toronto” Jennifer West
“Beyond Self” Jan Ly
“Feelings” Grant Irving
“Memory” Jan Ly
“Do No Harm” James Tuck
“Fresh Prince” Cristina Bolzon
“Light & Dark” Brendan Irving
“Successful People” Derwyn Goodall, Goodall Integrated Design
“Successful People” Derwyn Goodall, Goodall Integrated Design
“Fuck Stock” Cherie Korola
“The Voices in My Head” Carter Pryor
“Toronto my love” Andrea Rodriguez
“My Life is Mine” Carter Pryor

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