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November 12 - 19, 2014

“Ride ‘Til I Die” Arthur Chayka
“Don’t Let the Bastards Grind You Down” Benjamin Lory
“Live Fast” Thary Chhom
“Temper” Nina Hang
“Reply All” Sam Johnstone & Pam Lau
“Cast of Characters” Leslie Ink
“Cast of Characters” Leslie Ink
“Well Behaved” Laura Soper
Closeup, “Well Behaved” Laura Soper
“After a While Crocodile” Mimi Li
“Impossible Is Nothing” Sam Dubeau
“Work Equals Play” Sam Dubeau
“enCounters with A-Holes” Rob Shostak
“X Marks the Spot” Paul Dotey
“GDC Calligraphy Workbook” Kevin King
“& Pendant and !! Earrings” William Robinson
“Hard Hustle” Marta Ryzcko
“TTC” Mark Serrano
“If You Are Easily Spooked” Bongopix (Mike Kalimin)
“Artists Pursuit” Jennifer West
“Third Planet” Kelly Best
“How Strange It Is” Laura Soper
“Monday Mornings” Michelle Fok
“Frankenstein” Jin Yu Yuan
Closeup, “Frankenstein” Jin Yu Yuan
“Rob Ford on: Gender Equality” Kimberly Stacey J
“Lives Not Led” Albert Kwon
“Ampersand World” Kevin Moran
“Lose Yourself to Dance” Jin Yu Yuan
“Is this felt? … Now it is!” Franziska Brand and Sarah Paul
Closeup, “Is this felt? … Now it is!” Franziska Brand and Sarah Paul
“Dead Man Rise” Studio Jaywall
“Something To Remember You By” Josh Morden
“Due: EOD” Jenna Lynn Anderson
“Hot Diggity Damn” Jenny Luong
“Y” Casey Irvin
“Making Shit Is Hard” Ivonne Karamoy
“A” Aaron Rinas
“You Ampersand Me” Andrew Robinson
“Another Word for ‘Verily'” Alex Nursall
“Melting” Chris Vallée
“An Elaborate Joke” Brad Pyne
“You are Magical” Anthony Menecola

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