Swash & Serif 2


October 1 - 7, 2015

“Love Her But Leave Her Wild” Tanya Roberts
“I Gots Problems” Walker Ballantyne-Maund
“Sometimes I just want to scream” Kiros Chu
“Genf” Saša Djukić
“A Dish Best Served Cold” Scott Boms
“WFTW” Thary Chhom
“Typographic Explorations in Perspective” Tatjana Petkovic
“As Mad as the Hatter” Sarah Trafford
“Vivrant Thing” Marta Ryczko
“Ligature Bracelet” William Robinson
“Liberate” Simone Robert
“Sweet Dreams” Sarah Trafford
“Wanderlust” Melanie Abernethy
“Inertia” Sam Johnstone
“Stop, drop, open up shop” Veronica Wong
“Reading/Writing the Junction” Jay Wall & LOKI
“This says something cool (no really)” Rilla Fernandez
“Make It Like You Mean It” Natasia Leung
“Almost There” Rilla Fernandez
“Break It” Merrill Liu
“In my next life I want to be a unicorn” Melanie Abernethy
“The Secret Box” L.E. Frost
“Beauty” Lauren Holden
“Straight Outta Ideas” Mark Serrano
“STFU” Lauren Holden
Jules Stacey
“We Must Do Better” Jules Stacey
“Black Metal Type #1” Andrew Robinson
“N.Y.S.O.M.” Jesse Watson
“Belozoid” Alley Kurgan
“Burnt Out” Anthony Menecola
“Loyalty is a Lifestyle” Veronica Wong
“Know Your Roots” Jason Jay
“Life” Janet Mac
“Lost in the Sauce” Edisson Cajamarca
“Polarities” Davin Risk
“The Motto” Cat Walrond
“The Good Die Young” Brian Narayan
“Animal Alphabet” Brett Martin
“99 Cents” Brendan Gore
“Call Me Fag Bitch” Brad Pyne
“Canadian Colloquialisms” Ben Weeks
“SHAKIN” Benjamin Lory

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