Swash & Serif 4


October 19 - 24, 2017

Swash & Serif 4 Poster
Swash & Serif 4 Poster
“Cut it out” Salini Perera
“Every Planet We Reach Is Dead” Naila Medjidova
“Happy Daze” Tim Singleton
“Perfect Love” Wynn Yau
“Anagram” Eshwar Prasad
“Do Errthang With Love” Wynn Yau
“Love and Hate” Salini Perera
“Delinquents” Cristina Bolzon
“Ampersand Day 37” Tejashri Kapure
“Ampersand Day 84” Tejashri Kapure
“Ampersand Day 73” Tejashri Kapure
“Room For Rebellion” Emily Woudenberg
“I Shook Up the World” Cat Walrond
“AlphaClock” Supermilk
“Modern Homes x The Alphabet” Thomas Hadfield
“True North” Sharon Leung
“Drag” Tim Singleton
“A E I grO U: A-rrow head” Brad Pyne
“The Only Way” Sharon Leung
“Focus” Sarah Wong
“Be Brave, Stay Wild” Sharon Leung
“Systemic Voodoo” Sarah Alinia Ziazi
“Dim Sum Wisdom” Nathan-John Whitbourne
“Together” Roland Krizan
“The Hustle” Roland Krizan
“A Fat Lot of Good” Derwyn Goodall
“Ampersand” Meghan Rose
“Motivation?” Olivia Bielicz
“Summer Time” Roland Krizan
“End of the English Language” Rachel Solakis
“Pura Vida” Mary Zhao
“Not Ur Kitty” Tee Kundu
“Unity in diversity” Shrinidhi Sridhar
“To-Do list” Olivia Bielicz
“Dream a Little Dream of Me” Melissa Ramirez
“Anxiety Deep Breaths” Olivia Bielicz
“Kiss Your Friends” Tee Kundu
“Woodland Paradise” Mary Zhao
“The Void” Mary Zhao
“Outta this World” Stevie Driscoll
“5/6” Studio Wulf
“Life” Studio Wulf
“Put things into perspective” Studio Wulf
“Fragments Sewn Together” Jay Ginsherman
“My heart is set on you” Kamille Chin
“Let me pet your dog” Jessica Rogers & Sarah Cleaver
“I Threw Away The Rose” Kira Crugnale
“Not all those who wander are lost” Keya Vadgama
“Close your Eyes” Kamille Chin
“Bandhani Serif – A Typeface” Keya Vadgama
“Expressive Lyrics Leggings” Iliana Sergeev
“Seeing double” Jessica Rogers & Sarah Cleaver
“Ebonics: Word” Harpreet Singh
“Counter/Space” Andrew Robinson
“Paris B” Harpreet Singh
“ADCC Design New York” Fidel Peña
“Sick of Sick” Gayla Trail
“DAMN.” Harpreet Singh
“You Can’t” Gayla Trail
“Who’s Is It” Jay Ginsherman
“Gemini” Colin Nun
“Everyone, El Salvador” Fidel Peña
“Everyone, El Salvador” Fidel Peña
“=P One Year Posters” Equal Parts Studio
“Beast” Colin Nun
“Futures” Colin Nun
“Arbor Vitae” Davin Risk
“Purple Rain” Cat Walrond
“Justice Love Kindness” Clarice Gomes
“Oh Shit” Carter Pryor
“Grow” Chloe Silver
“This Pussy Bites Back” Christopher Rouleau
“Nonsense” Carter Pryor
“Get Shit Done.” Cat Walrond
“Digital Font Specimen” Carl Shura
“Love – Friendship” Annie Chen
“Don’t Be Absurd” Carter Pryor
“Sky” Ayesha Mohammedy
“Work & Play” Carmen Fenech
“Waves” Ayesha Ijaz
“Mimosa” Benjamin Edward
“Lunch” Benjamin Edward
“Dinner” Benjamin Edward
“Trois” Andrew Robinson

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